f you’re looking for advice and help on the best way to clean and maintain your driveway or patio, then look no further! Hello and welcome to the first post in a series of four, which will tell you everything you need to know to keep your Marshalls driveway or patio in tip top condition.

Blog 1: Initial and General Maintenance
Blog 2: Handling Stains & Spillages
Blog 3: Efflorescence

This first post will cover a few simple general and initial maintenance tasks that will help to prolong the life of your purchase.

Initial Block Paving Maintenance
• For the first few weeks after being laid the joints between block pavings will be relatively porous. Ingress of water from rain or other sources will consolidate the jointing sand and even flush it out (particularly on sloping sites). It is important that these joints are topped up with jointing sand to prevent damage to your driveway.

General Block Paving Maintenance
• A general clean at the start of Spring with a stiff broom and a good detergent followed by the application of a proprietary weed preventative restricts the ingress of weeds between joints which can affect the long-term durability of your purchase.
• If you use a power washer to clean your patio/driveway, the directed water should be angled at no more than 30° to the paved surface and sprayed diagonal across the joints. Using a power washer that is too powerful (We advise no more than a medium pressure) and not adhering to this advice may mark the surface of some paving materials, and break up the jointing material (Re-sand and re-point any damaged joints).
• When using any cleaning product you must ensure it is thoroughly rinsed from the surface and channelled to suitable drainage points. Once this has been done, inspect the integrity of all the paving joints, and re-sand and re-point any damaged joints as necessary.

I hope this post has answered some of your questions, if you still have a question why not give us a call on 0121 557 1084 / 07957 450716

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